Phillips 66 Retail Excellence Training

We recently got the opportunity to work with one of the biggest names on the consumer-facing side of the oil and gas industry - Phillips 66. Phillips 66 has branded gas stations - which youʼve likely seen, or even filled up at - that are all independently owned. Theyʼre also very protective of their brand - as they should be - and so they have a program that helps gas station owners stay on track in terms of brand guidelines and other policies. This series of training videos will help gas station owners achieve success in their monthly reviews, by detailing proper processes and procedures across all aspects of gas station management. From picking up trash on the ground, to ensuring that their shelves are well-stocked, we hit all the key points in a light-hearted and at times even sarcastic manner, to ensure viewer engagement and retention. This video is just an example of all of the content we generated for them across a six video series.

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