UH CCE: College Recruitment Video

When evaluating college choices, kids have a ton of choices these days. Their decision can be overwhelming and the smallest tidbits of information could sway their choice. For example, The University of Houston’s Cullen College of Engineering ranks among the top tiered research schools in the nation…but not many people know that. It was important for UHCCE to get the word out about their school’s accomplishments, while at the same showing students what the University has to offer them. Pop Video decided to give three hand-selected students GoPros to take around with them for a week. They documented everything from their classes, to sporting events, to nights out with their friends. Hundreds of hours of footage was poured through to select the clips that would give prospective students the most well rounded look at what college life is like at UHCCE. This promotional video now serves as a unique, powerful recruiting asset.

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