Case Study: Glove Guard

Information that demonstrates! 

Glove Guard is a personal protective equipment (PPE) manufacturer committed to simple tools with unique designs. The company services the industrial sector with a variety of product lines including glove, hat, and glasses clips that keep workers safe, comfortable, and productive. Additionally, Glove Guard takes its products a step further than the competition with custom colors and logo imprints.

Given the sheer volume of manufacturers in the PPE market, the need here was simple - make Glove Guard’s top products stand out among the competition. Fortunately, Glove Guard’s value proposition is clear and genuine - quality, originality, and functionality - but these intangible features are some of the most difficult to communicate effectively in a written brochure, PowerPoint, sales email, or photo.

How exactly do you bring these features to life and communicate them to sales prospects on a website, in an email, or at a trade show? Video. Not to give away all the goods from the case study, but our process includes the following steps: Discover, Strategize, Create, Manage and Leverage. Learn more about our process, here
Check out the full case study, hereAnd watch all the videos from the project, here

It's time to harness the power of video.

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