The Anatomy of an Interview

Take your video interviews to the next level! Shooting an interview can be one of the most challenging aspects of video production. Yet interview-based video is one of the most effective forms of video content for businesses! From the typical customer testimonial, to your "About Us" video and beyond, many businesses utilize Q&A-style interview footage as a great source of video content. But, if your interview shot is off, it really diminishes the quality of your content. Here are some tips:
  • Eye Light: 
    This helps everyone look better, and puts a little sparkle in his or her eyes!
  • Comfortable Eye Line: 
    Not too far off camera, and definitely not too close. Having the camera too close confuses the interviewee, and the viewer may get TOO up close and personal.

  • Soft Background: 
    The background should be in-focus enough to be able to discern what it is, roughly, but soft enough that it doesn't distract. The subject is the clear focus, here!
  • Attractive Lighting:
    Soft lighting wrapping the face, from highlights to shadows, is attractive and dynamic. No ugly shadows allowed!
  • Correct Framing: 
    Framing the subject on the opposite third of the frame, without too much headroom, is comfortable and natural for the viewer.
  • Clothing & Color: 
    Clothing and jewelry should be subtle and non-distracting. Earth tones are always a good choice! Consider the color palette of the whole set when selecting your attire - make it work! And avoid a fashion clash.

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