Video Production vs. Video Partnership

What is the difference between video production and a video partnership? Our approach to video and visual content creation has changed the game. It's no longer about the one-and-done video production projects, which is illustrated through the production side of this visual. There is a growing demand and thirst for content, and traditional video production will not cover the content void. We have introduced a video content partnership for businesses to empower them to truly harness the power of video for all internal and external marketing communications. Through our partnership model, businesses can harness the output of an in-house video team, without increasing internal team members. Think of Pop Video as your internal video content team! We become so ingrained and knowledgeable about your business, marketing goals, and content aspirations that we can create content, and more content, on a continual basis. But how exactly will that work for your business? And why should you make the jump from video production to partner?  

Pop Video will work with your business and marketing team to create a strategic content plan to include production days, unlimited revisions and editing, final deliverables, then we store your assets in a secure content library - to which you have on-demand access - anytime, anywhere. And once we have started your content library, we can continuously fuel your communications with iterated video and visual content through our intimate understanding of your business and marketing goals, and our skillful approach to content creation. Don’t think of us as video production people - we take one video and create unlimited editorial through reiterating, repurposing and revising.

To learn more about why Pop Video is THE choice for a video and visual content partner, check out our Why Pop page. And to see the full infographic, click here!

It's time to harness the power of video.

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