What is Ultra HD?

Do you know the difference between the video frame sizes? From 1080 p to 8k, the quality of video matters for your project. There has been talk of 4K for years, but it’s no longer just something for the techy, early adopters (we've moved beyond even 4K!). The higher the quality, the higher pixel density, which means you will have a clearer, better-defined picture. And keep in mind - it's not about sharpness, but rather, allowing your audience to see more detail and texture. 

The higher quality advancement has hit the mainstream - take Netflix and Amazon Video. They're producing original content in 4K. It is now an important new standard, but don't wait until content is produced in 8k for you to jump on the higher quality bandwagon. Check out the full infographic, here!

It's time to harness the power of video.

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