Animated Explainers - B2B Customer Lifecycle Video Types

Animated explainer videos are a powerful option to break up the monotony of everyday visual content, and a graphic way to simplify convoluted topics. And whether you're marketing a simple product or a complex software, an animated explainer can do an exemplary job of sharing your story. Explainers outperform both blog pages, and traditional website pages in terms of user engagement - so get to explainin'!

Successful animated explainer videos include the following aspects:

1. Script
A script is imperative for any successful video. For animated explainers, your script should focus on the pain points for the customer, while showcasing the benefits of your product or solution.  
2. Graphics
When designing graphics for your animated video, consider the visual style your target audience would prefer. What colors would they respond well to? What is the overall style of the animation? 
3. Voiceover
The voiceover artist's speech, tone, sound, etc. should match the voice of your target persona. Also, ensure that the voiceover matches your brand's tone and voice.   
4. Music/SFX
Music and sound effects (SFX) both play integral roles in inciting the right emotions from your target audience. It makes the video whole! 
5. Unique Animation Style
The animation style should not distract from the actual message. Ultimately, how your animated video looks, feels and sounds depends on your brand, your voice, your product or service, and your budget. So, it should be unique to you!
6. Captions/Subtitles
When you share your videos, it is essential to have a transcript or captions for your natively hosted videos. 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound (source), so assume that your graphics need to speak for themselves, but include the captions as a backup.    

Different types of video perform better at different stages in the sales funnel. Check out the full infographic to see the 10 different types of videos that you should utilize as a B2B business. In the coming weeks, we will share more information for each video type, which is broken down into the following criteria: 

- Funnel stage
- Difficulty to produce
- Where to share the assets when they're complete

Follow along with us each week as we share more information on each specific video type and where they fit into the different stages of the B2B customer lifecycle.

And if you'd like to learn more about the recipe for a successful animated explainer, check out our other infographic on the matter. Also, check out our blog on what mistakes you should avoid with animated explainers, and our blog depicting the reasons animated explainers are perfect for your communications. Finally, if you'd like to check out some of our awesome animated explainer videos that we created for our partners, check out 'Our Work' page. Can you tell we're a fan of animated explainers? Explain much? 

Shoutout to Vidyard for the inspiration behind this infographic series. To see the full infographic, click here!

It's time to harness the power of video.

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